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Get in your best shape ever with Ottawa's Finest Fitness classes. 4 class styles to choose from, one membership covers them all. Why do the same workout week in/week out?

- Bad day at work! Get stress relief with Heavy Bag Boxing

- Feel like working on your core strength? Body Shape fits the bill

- Lacking energy? Build endurance with Power Strike

- Want to lose weight? Then burn more calories with Cardio Kickboxing


Your own personal fitness buffet!


Cardio Kickboxing

This class is ideal for losing weight and getting in shape. The classes are done to music and are taught by martial arts instructors. This Kickboxing class involves executing various kick and punch combinations, footwork, stretching exercises and calisthenics. The class routines are regularly varied, and no equipment, uniform or previous experience is necessary. Cardio kickboxing is excellent for burning calories!

cardio kickboxing

Heavy Bag Boxing

The heavy bag class is ideal for those times that you want to combine stress relief and a feeling of empowerment with your fitness regime. This class teaches individuals proper boxing techniques using the jab, cross, hook and upper-cut punches through a variety of combinations. Previous boxing experience is not required; however, boxing gloves and hand wraps are needed.

kickboxing heavy bag

Power Strike

This is the ultimate fitness class for improving your endurance levels. Designed by Master Peter Douvris, combines weight training with a heavy bag boxing workout! This class is only being offered at the Bank St. and OAC locations. Caution: Not your average fitness class!

 power strike

Body Shape

For those times when you have got beyond simply keeping fit and have specific body toning objectives. This class provides you with a full body workout. It focuses on isolating muscle groups and body sculpting through specialized weight training, calisthenics and stretching exercises.

 body shape toning class


Kickboxing classes are available to members 14 years of age and above.


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