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How We’re Unique

How We’re Unique

DOUVRIS provides an unparalleled karate, fitness, and leadership experience that is unique in these ways:

  1. High teacher-student ratio – many of our students become part of our leadership program, which sees higher-belt practitioners assisting lower belts in classes. It is not unusual to see one mentor for every two or three students in our karate classes.
  2. World-class instruction by professional black-belt martial artists, well trained instructors, and world champions.
  3. All-inclusive membership – membership in DOUVRIS includes everything one needs to succeed, including uniform, belts, exams, access to our fitness classes, and more. We make it simple.
  4. Program approach – our belt program is formalized and consistent, with a clear progression through defined frequent goals, and positive recognition and reinforcement as each new milestone is achieved.
  5. Kinship – DOUVRIS is a family business and we cultivate a family atmosphere. We welcome parents, children, and families to spend time with us. We also make it easy to foster friendships, enjoy teamwork and community.
  6. Leadership development – through karate, we deliver skills in personal leadership that extend outward to families, friends, the workplace, and community. We offer a formal leadership development program for members with the required qualities and initiative.
  7. Consistency and quality – during 30 years in practice and in business, we have developed a consistent program and membership experience. Our instructors are trained by us from a young age and hand-selected to ensure that the DOUVRIS experience is consistent and high quality. Douvris instructors and students also perform consistently well in both national and world championships.
  8. Flexible schedule – we provide a range of class times that makes it easy for busy members and families to maintain a successful practice, and that helps to ease scheduling burden on busy parents.
  9. Ability to set own pace – members can join at any time during the year, and will work at their own pace. The nature of our programs and high teacher-student ratio means that there is never a rush to catch up.
  10. Character Development – Each student, 12 and under, receives a character development workbook that guides students to further  develop  the  character  and  qualities  required for  success. Each lesson in the workbook accompanies the “word of the month” that is discussed in each class.

The best way to experience the DOUVRIS difference is to give us a try. Learn more about our Trial Memberships.