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TBT Strength

TBT Strength

Body Shape Classes in Ottawa

Our Total Body Training (TBT) Strength classes are a fun way to amp up your workout and burn mega-calories. The TBT Strength class is a cardio  kickboxing circuit workout that uses plyometric and core exercises to shape, tone, strengthen, and build endurance. This is an intense cardio workout with high repetition movements that burns calories and gets you the body you’re looking for – fast!

Benefits of Our Body Shape Classes:

  • Calorie and fat burning exercises through cardio and weight lifting
  • High energy instructors to push your limits
  • Calorie burning workout through plyometric and core exercises
  • Supportive and welcoming environment
  • All inclusive membership

The DOUVRIS Body Shape class is an addictive 45-minute workout that challenges all of your major muscles by using plyometric “poly” and weight lifting exercises such as squats, curls, lifts and more. Our classes are lead by certified, motivating instructors so that you can get the results you’re after! We promise you will have the most fun in our high energy body shape classes.

Say Good-Bye to the Mundane at Home Workout Regime

Our body shape classes brings something exciting to your mundane at home workout regime. Working out at home is nice and easy but can be incredibly boring. Isn’t it time to kick your routine into high gear? With our high powered exercises to build your core body muscles and our peppy instructors, you’ll be feeling good and sweating within minutes of the class starting. We focus on fun and innovative ways to make exercise awesome which provides you the inspiration you need to push yourself further to get your body in shape.

Another great benefit of our body shaping classes is teaching you proper weight lifting techniques, so that if you are working out at home, you’re doing movements and reps properly so you don’t strain your muscles or hurt yourself. Discover your new body and try our classes with a no obligation trial offer!


Body Shape Class Trial Offer

Get the body you’ve always wanted. Contact DOUVRIS today or call us at 613-234-5000613-234-5000 to learn more about our Total Body Training Strength program.