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TBT Cardio

TBT Cardio

Cardio Kickboxing Classes in Ottawa

Cardio kickboxing and cardio boxing is an innovative new way to get fit and stay in shape! Improve your health and fitness while you have a blast is one of our top priorities at DOUVRIS.

Our cardio kickboxing classes are:

  • high energy
  • packed with fun
  • amazing workout
  • supportive and welcoming environment

You’ll be working your bodies core and burning fat as you kick, squat and punch your way through an exciting 60 minute calorie burning exercise routine. DOUVRIS Kickboxing classes are carefully designed to be result-driven, beginner friendly, and above all – tons of fun.

Pack-Up Your Boring Workout Routine

Each class introduces new kickboxing techniques that make each class more exciting than the last! Our kickboxing classes take you on an adventurous spin to keep things interesting, ridiculously effective, and completely cutting-edge.  At DOUVRIS you get all of the benefit of today’s top fitness workouts, all under one roof!

Try Our Cardio Kickboxing Class with a Trial Offer

Total Body Training (TBT) Cardio is a kickboxing-based aerobic workout that uses kicks and strikes to work the whole body. If you’re looking for cardio kickboxing classes in Ottawa, try a $9.95 trial class at DOUVRIS!

Get the body you’ve always wanted. Contact DOUVRIS today or call us at 613-234-5000613-234-5000 to learn more about our Total Body Training Cardio program.