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Mindfulness with Douvris

Managine Stress

How to Best Manage and Reduce Stress Through Fitness

With a new year comes many other new things like; new goals, new challenges, and new events. Another prominent aspect that tends to come with a new year is new stress.

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10 Karate Terms

10 Karate Terms That You Need to Know

Stemming from a world steeped with deep history and traditions, karate comes with a wealth of lingo. From movements to numbers and all in between, there’s a name for that. How many can you list? Here are 10 karate terms that every student should add to their mental martial arts dictionary.

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How to Take Responsibility Through the Help of Karate

Learning How to Take Responsibility Through the Help of Karate

Responsibility can be shown and enacted in many forms. However, in a very general sense, it refers to the act of being accountable, learning from your actions, and having the ability for others to be able to rely on you.

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Teaching Humility

Teaching Humility Through Karate: The Importance and Benefits

Having a sense of humbleness often too comes with a sense of self-awareness of one’s capabilities. What is meant by that, is an understanding and acceptance of our strengths and limitations.

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Karate for Kids: Early Development and Creating Lifelong Skills

One’s level of success oftentimes directly relates to their level of self-confidence.

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The Mental Benefits of Karate

The Mental Benefits of Karate and Martial Arts at Douvris

The physical benefits incorporated with martial arts are lengthy- but have you ever considered the even longer list of mental benefits?

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Overcoming Fears

Overcoming Your Fears | A Martial Artists Way

It may be cliche to say “do one thing a day that scares you” but, seriously do something every day that scares you.

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Change Your Life 1% at a Time – Successful Habits that Last

This month on Mindfulness with Douvris we’re talking about 3 key principles proposed by James Clear in his book Atomic Habits that will help improve our lives by changing our daily habits just 1% at a time.

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10 things to leave behind in 2020 for a more mindful and peaceful existence

There are many things I’m sure we would all love to leave behind in 2020 that we have little control over, but this is my list of things I think we can definitely work on leaving behind in 2020 to lead more mindful and happier lives here in 2021.

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Cultivate a Morning Routine – 9 Ways to Make Your Morning More Uplifting

Everyday for the next however many days we have on this spinning ball of solids, gases and liquids you will have to open your eyes and attempt to seize the day. This is something that, ideally, will happen day in and day out. It’s something we can rely on in…

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