Are you interested in owning a Douvris Karate Franchise or perhaps obtaining a Douvris brand license to help grow your karate business?


Douvris Martial Arts is a world-renowned martial arts brand. We are known for quality karate and fitness programming and have trained some of the best world champions to ever grace the mats.

With 40 years of hands-on experience in marketing, promoting, and running a karate business, we have honed our skills and processes to ensure our success in the martial arts industry.

We offer two types of agreements for anyone interested in starting a career in owning their own dojo. We are currently looking for new Franchise owners as well as established karate school owners wishing to rebrand their school to a Douvris Martial Arts school.

Regardless of which agreement you sign up for, you are guaranteed a comprehensive business model, curriculum support from Master John & Peter Douvris as well as ongoing training to ensure you remain competitive and successful in your market place. After all, we are only as strong as our weakest partner.

The Douvris brand gives you access to many professional people to help you succeed in the following areas:

  • Personal interactions with Master John Douvris to ensure you're providing quality programming to all of your members.
  • E-mail and phone support with our highly trained back office staff. We'll show you how to book trial offers, how to do follow-ups, and offer you suggestions to provide the best customer service and support.
  • Direct access to our Google Professionals, web designers and marketing experts to give your marketing the boost it needs to outperform on Google and out on the web.
  • Social Media consultants to ensure you're sharing the proper stories and post that gain traction on those media channels.
  • When you partner with us you get access to the many discounts and services we have with other companies. With 9 Ottawa locations and 3 International locations, the Douvris brand has many discounts, partnerships and deals to get us the products and services we need to be successful.


Is this opportunity right for you?

If you are a hard worker, dedicated to growing a business, are interested in becoming your own boss, then we may have the answer for you! If you are worried about starting a business because of how overwhelming it is to run an effective business, or you don't know much about offering quality programming, marketing, member retention, sales and so forth then a Douvris partnership just might be the right thing to help you succeed.

It's much easier for us to help a person with a black belt succeed in business then it is to train someone off the streets to be a great black belt instructor. We understand that students of martial arts, are great at their sport and art but may not have the proper skills to run a great martial arts dojo.

This is where the Douvris partnership can help you succeed. Think you got what it takes? Contact us to find out more about this opportunity.

Interested in this Fantastic Business Opportunity?

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