Team DOUVRIS comprises DOUVRIS karate Ottawa students whose focus and dedication propels them to the next level. As part of our competitive team, these students make an extra commitment to training and travel. Team DOUVRIS is coached by Master Sensei John and Peter DOUVRIS, who also coach the national karate team.

As part of Team DOUVRIS, members have the opportunity to compete in regional, national, and world karate events. The love of karate motivates team members to train to the best of their abilities, to commit to their championship goals, and to become valued members of the karate community. Our highly effective training and mentorship program provides Team DOUVRIS with the skills to successfully compete and win medals.

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Watch highlights of the DOUVRIS team at the WKC World Championships 2023

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Current and Past Team Douvris Members

2023 Team Douvris


Each year, team Douvris members work hard to qualify for the national team and then prepare for the WKC World Championships.


Below are our results, in no particular order:


Olivia Vaughan
GOLD- Traditional weapons
SILVER- Hard Style forms
BRONZE- Point Sparring -50kg (girls 11-12)

Jayce Vergette
GOLD- Point Sparring -70kg (15-17 boys)
Dante Lorusso
GOLD- Point Sparring -80kg (15-17 boys)
SILVER- Open Weight
Nico Campagna
GOLD- Point Sparring -85kg
SILVER-Open Weight (18-21 yrs.)
BRONZE- Team Sparring
Robbie Lavoie
GOLD- Point Sparring -65kg
BRONZE- Team Sparring
Velyien Thomson
GOLD- Team Sparring (15-17 girls)
BRONZE- Point Sparring Open Weight
Remi Collar
GOLD- Point Sparring -55kg (girls 13-14)
BRONZE- Open weight Point Sparring
Finn Nadeau
GOLD- Chinese Soft Style Forms (girls 13-14)
BRONZE- Point Sparring
Cody Diesbourg
SILVER- +35 Point Sparring
BRONZE- -80KG Point Sparring
BRONZE- TEAM Point Sparring
Jose Rios
SILVER- Creative weapons (boys 11-12)
SILVER-Freestyle forms
SILVER- Extreme forms
BRONZE- Open Weight Point Sparring
Gracie Postma
SILVER- Point Sparring Open weight 18-21
BRONZE- -55kg
Noah Poirier
SILVER- -10 boys Open Weight Point Sparring
Clara Rakhra
SILVER- Point Sparring girls 11-12, -45kg
BRONZE- Open Weight Point Sparring
Jolan Nadeau
SILVER- TEAM Point Sparring (boys 15-17)
Jacob Azzi
BRONZE- Boys -10 Point Sparring Open Weight
Melina Poirier
BRONZE- girls 15-17 Point Sparring Open Weight
Michele Lorusso
BRONZE- Point Sparring -75kg 18+
BRONZE- Team Point Sparring
Ben Clarke
BRONZE- Point Sparring -70kg
BRONZE- Team Point Sparring
Keira Longtin
BRONZE- Point Sparring (girls 11-12)
Elizabeth Jaekl
BRONZE- Extreme forms (girls 13-14)
BRONZE- Extreme weapons
Malik Thomas
BRONZE- Hardstyle forms
BRONZE- Classical forms
BRONZE- Team Sparring (18+ men)
2021 Team Douvris
2019 Team Douvris
2018 Team Douvris
2017 Team Douvris
2016 Team Douvris

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