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Total Body Training

The DOUVRIS Total Body Training (TBT) Program is a focused, efficient, total-body training program that delivers serious results. TBT combines the most powerful benefits of karate and kickboxing without the sparring or competitive elements. It's the most kickboxing you'll get in one workout!

TBT is delivered only by DOUVRIS’s professional black-belt martial artists, many of whom are world champions, and all of whom are trained and experienced instructors. Low student-instructor ratios and the availability of one-on-one instruction are hallmarks of the DOUVRIS experience.

Train Like a Fighter. Experience the Difference:

  • Learn and use proper kickboxing technique to ensure the best results and optimum safety

  • Target your training to your specific fitness needs, including speed, precision, power, strength, tone, and fat loss

  • Train for yourself; do it with friends

Benefits of the DOUVRIS Kickboxing Ottawa program include:

  • Cross training enhances performance in all other sports - kickboxing includes all types of striking movements: punching, kicking, knees, elbows, and more

  • Learn self-defense while you work out

  • Target your training to develop speed, precision, reaction time, power, agility, strength, and tone

  • Increase your confidence and focus

the most kicking & punching packed into 2 great classes


Train for speed, develop precision, and hand-eye coordination


Total Body Training (TBT) Striking is a kickboxing and boxing class that focuses on developing power and muscle density through explosive movements and resistance by striking and kicking. These classes are high paced and designed to provide an intense full body workout while teaching you basic boxing and kickboxing technique.

Benefits of our TBT Striking Classes:

  • Increase the power behind each of your punches – give the bag a seizure
  • Achieve better stability with proper stances
  • Learn proper combinations of jabs, upper-cuts, and more
  • Increase your agility with combinations of kicks and punches
  • Strike targets quickly and with 100% accuracy
  • Learn to think quick to avoid your opponents' strikes

The Most Power Striking in One Workout

Our striking class relies heavily on kicking and striking targets (heavy bag and focus mitts) to give you a complete body strength workout. This class teaches numerous techniques to give you the ability to hit precisely where you want on your target. Each instructor has developed combinations of kicks and punches to challenge all students, from beginners to advanced users.


Develop power and muscle density through explosive movement


Our Total Body Training (TBT) Strength classes are a fun way to amp up your workout and burn mega-calories. The TBT Strength class is a kickboxing circuit workout that uses plyometric and core exercises to shape, tone, strengthen, and build endurance. This is an intense workout with high repetition movements that burns calories and gets you the body you’re looking for – fast!

Benefits of Our TBT Strength Classes:

  • Calorie and fat burning exercises through cardio and weight-lifting
  • High energy instructors to push your limits
  • Calorie burning workout through plyometric and core exercises
  • Supportive and welcoming environment
  • All inclusive membership

The DOUVRIS TBT Strength class is an addictive 45-minute workout that challenges all of your major muscles by using plyometric “poly” and weight lifting exercises such as squats, curls, lifts and more. Our classes are lead by certified, motivating instructors so that you can get the results you’re after! We promise you will have the most fun in our high energy body shape classes.

Say Good-Bye to the Mundane at Home Workout Regime

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Our Total Body Training kickboxing fitness trial offer includes a 3 Class Pass for $19.95. This offer is available at 4 of our Ottawa TBT training facilities.

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