Our Kids Kickboxing Program Provides:


Kids Kickboxing (7-12)

Combining heavy bag, pad kicks and cardio exercise into one fun program with no competitive elements.

Kids Kickboxing Classes

The DOUVRIS Kids Kickboxing Program for kids (7-12) is a focused, efficient program that provides a fun fitness prgoram through kickboxing training. We use age-appropriate techniques to keep your child active, engaged and help them burn off accessive energy in this 30-45-minute fast-paced class. Our Kids Kickboxing program combines the benefits of karate and kickboxing without the sparring or competitive elements.

Our kid's kickboxing program is a combination of heavy bag training, pad kicks and cardio exercise.

Our Kids Kickboxing program is delivered only by DOUVRIS's professional black-belt martial artists, many of whom are world champions, and all of whom are trained and experienced instructors. Low student-instructor ratios and the availability of one-on-one instruction are hallmarks of the DOUVRIS experience.

Details About Our Kids Kickboxing Program:


  • We teach proper kicking and punching bag techniques
  • Lots of running, jumping, kicking bags, and punching pads
  • No competitive elements; no contact
  • Learn self-defence and bully prevention
  • Builds self-confidence and self-awareness
  • Allows children to expel excessive energy
  • Meet and socialize with new friends
  • Lots of fun!

Kids Kickboxing Trial Offers:

  • Sign-up for a two-week membership for $59.95. Includes free boxing gloves
  • Join us for a one-class trial for $10.00. Student must bring their own gloves. Due to Covid, we can not lend out gloves.

Kids Kickboxing is currently only available at our Bank Street location.

Get your child active again and back into a healthy routine with our kids kickboxing program for kids.
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