Youth (13-18 yrs)

Youth Karate Program

Our martial arts classes are designed for teens 13-18 years of age. It is a complete approach to training in the martial arts. The main focus of the training in this class is on the exciting kicking and punching skills, as well as self-defence techniques, and the introduction to sparring.

Teens who join this program learn to focus and respect while building self-confidence and developing a positive mental attitude.

What martial arts classes teach kids:

  • Courtesy and respect
  • Personal focus and concentration
  • Self-confidence
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Self-defence skills

Martial Arts Classes Trial Offer

Our martial arts trial includes two classes and a new uniform for only $19.95 and is available at all of our Ottawa-Gatineau locations. Learn how martial arts classes can help develop the important skills for success, contact DOUVRIS today, or call us at 613-234-5000 to sign-up!

Martial Arts Classes Teaches Leadership


What is the key to being a great leader? It is knowing how to be one, of course. The DOUVRIS martial arts classes allow teens to join our leadership team so they can receive the experience of being a leader in life. Our young leaders are taught how to manage a class of younger belt students, giving them hands-on experience in knowing how to influence people. Our leadership program also gives them an opportunity to practice public speaking by talking to the class and completing demonstrations.  The leadership skills taught are essential in today’s work-place so that they have the confidence to excel in a career that requires leadership.