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National Karate Team

National Karate Team

Canada’s National Karate team is made up of students from dojos across the country who try out each year for a place on the team. Training for the National Karate team requires focus and commitment, and members of Team DOUVRIS comprise a portion of the national team each year. The team travels to the WKC World Championships each year.

DOUVRIS karate Ottawa co-founders, Master Sensei John and Peter Douvris, are highly respected members of the international karate community and champions in the sport. Both serve as coaches on the team and Master John is the National team’s official trainer. DOUVRIS hosts the national team for selection and training each year. Our mentorship prepares karatekas to compete at all levels of competition, and numerous DOUVRIS students have gone on to compete at the World Karate Championships in Italy, Ireland, and other exciting locations.

Learn more about what it takes to be a Team DOUVRIS champion, contact us about training for the team.