Robbie Hughes Wins Myers Auto Group Amazing Kids Contest

Douvris Martial Arts is proud to announce that one of our students, second-degree black belt Robbie Hughes, has won the Myers Auto Group Amazing Kids contest. The prize recognizes young people who are inspiring, entrepreneurial and do amazing things. Robbie received his award and the $1,000 that goes with it, on CTV News February 21.

Not only is Robbie an accomplished karate student, he’s also a member of the Douvris competitive team, having competed locally, nationally, and at the international level for years. Along with his family, and supported by generous members of our Douvris community, he has started a karate program for begging street kids in St. Louis, Senegal, that strives to gives those kids critical skills they can use to improve their lives.

Robbie has been a leader in our dojo for years, teaching younger kids and inspiring them to push past their limits to reach their goals.

The student creed at Douvris Martial Arts begins with, “My goal is to become the best person I can be,” and ends with a vow to share our progress with others. Robbie is a perfect example of what our student creed is all about, and we are delighted to see his accomplishments recognized by the Myers Auto Group Amazing Kid contest.

Watch a clip of Robbie on CTV Ottawa news:

Congratulations, Robbie!

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