Step. It. Up. Summer Camp

Step. It. Up. Summer Camp Registration Now Open

Are you ready for three action-packed days of karate training? Join DOUVRIS karate Ottawa for Step. It. Up. Summer Camp: Wednesday August 13 through Friday, August 15 at Travelodge Hotel and Conference Centre in Ottawa.

DOUVRIS brings together world-class karate instructors for this Ottawa karate event. Don’t miss your chance to train with Jadi Tention, Richard Plowden, Mike Bernardo, John Douvris, Robbie Lavoie, Tammy Bernardo, Peter Douvris, and Fortunato Aversa.

Instruction includes point sparring, continuous sparring, forms, and weapons. You can complete the week by entering the Battle Zone 2014 Tournament if you choose.

Deadline for registration is July 31. Limited spots available. You must be over the age of eight to attend.

Download the registration form for pricing and additional details.

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