WKC Training Camp

Help us raise funds to challenge the constitutional validity of Order in Council 1087 and fight for our right to continue holding open, safe and fair tournaments.

Training seminar August 18-19, 2018 in Ottawa, featuring Subhadra Shrestha (kata), Michael Bernardo (weapons), Jim Flood (light contact) and Samuel Gagnon (point sparring).

Saturday, August 18: 3-6 pm
Sunday, August 19: 9 am to 12 pm
Cost: $120

Location: Douvris Martial Arts, 1270 Bank Street, Ottawa
Space is limited. Reserve your spot today. Call 613.234.5000 or email info@douvris.com to book your spot.

If you can’t attend the training camp, please consider donating through our Go Fund Me campaign.


Challenge Order In Council 1087
If you are into Karate, Kung-Fu, Boxing, MMA, Taekwon Do, or any other martial art or amateur sport that may include point sparring or grappling, please help us challenge the Ontario Provincial Government’s Order in Council 1087/2017 and defend our constitutional right to participate in safe, open and fair recreational martial arts and combat sports without excessive fees and restrictive policies that threaten the survival of our competitive disciplines.

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