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Confidence Course

Confidence Course

Give your child the confidence to say “I CAN” and make the next school year a success.

The DOUVRIS Confidence course teaches children what confidence is and how they can experience being confident. The Confidence Course is a 6-week karate program aimed at instilling self-confidence while staying healthy and active!

Each student receives a confidence course booklet to help them understand how to be and feel confident. The booklet contains questions, examples and fill in the blank statements to help them recognize and celebrate their accomplishments.

Confidence Course Details:

Our Confidence course runs for 6 weeks! Classes starting up until August 20th!!!

The course is for children ages 4-12. Classes run Monday through Saturday and is based on class schedule of each dojo.

Cost: Only$149 and includes a FREE uniform! 

Hurry, offer is ending soon. Reserve your child’s spot today  – call  us at 613-234-5000
or complete the form below to register!

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