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Team Douvris at the Quebec Open

Team Douvris traveled to Quebec City this past weekend for our last big tournament before our National Championships later this month. We had a great time competing, enjoyed a spectacular night show, and even had time for a little bit of sight-seeing in Old Quebec on a very pleasant and sunny Sunday morning.

Quebec Open 2017


Below are our results.

Junior underbelts:
Nikita Capalb: bronze in traditional kata
Kimberley Hopkins: bronze in point sparring
Payton Rudder: silver in point sparring

Junior black belts:
Sébastien Bélanger: silver in point sparring, gold in continuous sparring
Maeve McColgan: silver in point sparring (girls 10-11, overall), gold in point sparring (girls 10-11, tall)
Malik Thomas: bronze in point fighting, bronze in boys 12-13 super fights
Nico Campagna: silver in open weight point sparring, gold in 3-boy team fighting, gold in 2-boy team fighting, gold in point sparring (boys 14-15, overall), gold in point sparring (boys 14-15, tall), gold in boys 14-15 super fights
Rhane Daly Stevens: silver in continuous sparring
Megan Bowman: silver in Korean forms, gold in Chinese forms
Robbie Hughes: fourth in boys 14-15 super fights, bronze in point sparring
Calvin Foote: gold in team fighting
Bronwyn Foote: bronze in point sparring


Adult black belts:
Nicole Laporte: gold in traditional kata 50 and over
Brigitte Pellerin: bronze in traditional kata 40 and over, gold in point sparring
Subadhra Shrestha: silver in traditional kata
Ben Clarke: fourth in weapons, silver in men’s lightweight sparring
Cody Diesbourg: bronze in men’s super fights, silver in men’s team fighting, gold in men’s light welterweight sparring


Many thanks to David Bossinotte and his team for a fantastic tournament!