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Spartan Training Program

spartan training

This high-intensity 8-week program calls for three workouts per week. It’ll be a combination of weights and kickboxing. Each session will challenge you in a different way. Train hard for three days and focus on recovering during your days off.

This 8-week program will give you the ability to sprint and execute short bursts of strength and power,  and we will even enhance your aerobic system.


  • Next session starting June 24. Contact us to book your spot.
  • Sessions will be 1 hour on Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday mornings
  • Start time is 7 AM
  • Max 10 people per session
  • Register now by calling us at 613-234-5000613-234-5000 OR fill out the form below.


If you’re looking to focus on certain fitness goals, personal training is an excellent way to work on meeting them. Personal training with Nick Douvris includes a sit-down consultation, in order for him to get to know what it is you’re looking to accomplish, and come up with a strategy and timeline.

Contact us today to book your consultation with Nick!


Athletic conditioning is strictly for athletes only. If you’re looking to train a team together, we offer the perfect challenging workout sessions. Using complex cardio tactics, mixed with powerful kickboxing strikes, this program focuses on a full body conditioning.


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Have a question about our spartan training program? Contact us, for more information.

Note: Classes are for adults (18+) only. You should be in good physical shape before joining this program –  It’s going to be intense and strenuous!