Team Douvris spent the last week in Orlando, Florida, to compete in the 2017 WKC World Championships as part of Team Canada. We train very hard for this event, and experience the thrill of measuring our skills against the best sport karate athletes in the world. We are incredibly proud of all our athletes and the hard work they put into their training for this event.


Below are our results, in no particular order:

Subadhra Shrestha: gold classical kata, silver hard style kata, silver team kata, traditional kata grand champion

Cody Diesbourg: silver individual point fighting, silver team fighting

Robbie Lavoie: silver individual point fighting, silver team fighting

Ben Clarke: gold individual point fighting, silver team fighting

Brigitte Pellerin: gold individual point fighting, silver team fighting

Jevon Rudder: gold individual continuous sparring

Nico Campagna: gold individual point sparring, gold individual continuous sparring

Zoë Houle: silver individual point fighting, bronze team fighting

Hannah Morrier: bronze individual point sparring, bronze team fighting

Alejandro Miguelez: silver team continuous sparring

Justine Sénéchal: bronze classical kata, silver individual point fighting

Rhane Daly Stevens: bronze individual continuous sparring, bronze individual point fighting

Niko Couture: gold individual point sparring, bronze individual continuous sparring

Malik Thomas: silver creative weapons, bronze traditional kata, silver individual point fighting, bronze team point fighting

Michele Lorusso: silver team point fighting

Katarina Tessier: silver soft forms

Calvin Foote: silver individual continuous sparring

Jayce Vergette bronze individual point sparring

Sierra Vergette gold individual point sparring, bronze team fighting

Elyse Gorrell gold individual point sparring


Special mention to Alexander Dworkin, Robbie Hughes, Bronwyn Foote, Payton Rudder, Caleb Lang, Isaiah Lang, Catherine Robson and Kimberley Hopkins for their incredibly hard work and great performances.

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