2018 Team Douvris

We’re proud of our Team DOUVRIS members. Each year, these team members work hard to qualify for the national team and then prepare for the World Karate & Kickboxing Commission (WKC) World Championships.

GOLD: 29




Alejandro Miguelez: FIFTH boys kata U10 trad weapons, GOLD boys LC U10 -30, GOLD boys sparring U10 -30

Rhane Daly Stevens: SIXTH boys kata 15-17 hardstyle, GOLD boys 15-17 LC -65, GOLD boys sparring 15-17 -65

Brigitte Pellerin: SIXTH women kata 18+ hardstyle, SIXTH women kata 18+ classical, SILVER women kata 35+, GOLD women kata 42+, FOURTH women sparring 18+ -60, GOLD women sparring 35+ -65, GOLD women sparring 42+ -65

Cody Diesbourg: GOLD adult team kata, GOLD men sparring -75

Kim Hopkins: FOURTH girls kata U10 hardstyle, SILVER girls kata U10 classical, FOURTH Junior team traditional kata

Subadhra Shrestha: GOLD women kata 18+ hardstyle, GOLD women kata 18+ classical, GOLD adult team kata

Dave Patenaude: BRONZE boys sparring 11-12 +50

Robbie Hughes: GOLD boys kata 15-17 musical weapons, SILVER boys kata 15-17 creative weapons, SIXTH boys kata traditional weapons, SILVER boys sparring 15-17 -70

Jordan Lalonde: BRONZE boys sparring 15-17 -80

Michele Lorusso: BRONZE boys kata 15-17 hardstyle, SIXTH boys kata 15-17 classical, GOLD boys sparring 15-17 -60

Dante Lorusso: SIXTH boys kata 11-12 classical, FOURTH boys sparring 11-12 +50

Kaleb Hihnala: SILVER boys LC 11-12 -40, BRONZE boys sparring 11-12 -40

Alexander Dworkin: FOURTH men sparring 18+ -70

Keagan Goosen: SILVER boys sparring U10 -25

Rhys Collar: SIXTH boys kata 11-12 classical, FIFTH boys sparring 11-12 +50

Remy Collar: FOURTH girls sparring U10 -35

Maeve McColgan: FOURTH Junior team traditional kata, GOLD girls sparring 11-12 -50

Sebastien Belanger: GOLD boys LC 11-12 -45, BRONZE boys sparring 11-12 -45

Ben Clarke: GOLD men kata 18+ hardstyle, GOLD men kata 18+ classical, GOLD men sparring 18+ -60

Kendra Matthews-Gramer: FOURTH women kata 18+ traditional weapons

Zoe Houle: GOLD girls sparring 13-14 -55

Hannah Morrier: BRONZE girls kata 13-14 classical, GOLD girls sparring 13-14 -60

Malik Thomas: GOLD boys kata 13-14 hardstyle, GOLD boys kata 13-14 classical, GOLD boys kata 13-14 traditional weapons, GOLD boys sparring 13-14 -60

Niko Couture: GOLD boys kata 11-12 hardstyle, SILVER boys kata 11-12 classical

Lexi Parsons: FOURTH Junior team traditional kata, SILVER girls sparring 11-12 -40

David Allard: SILVER men sparring 35+ +85

Amanda Allard: BRONZE women kata 35+

Payton Rudder: SILVER boys sparring 15-17 -65

Jevon Rudder: BRONZE men sparring 42+ +85

Una Bilcar: GOLD girls kata U10 classical, FOURTH girls sparring U10 -40

Vuk Bilcar: BRONZE boys kata U10 classical, SILVER boys sparring U10 -30

Sierra Vergette: SILVER girls kata 13-14 hardstyle, GOLD girls kata 13-14 classical, GOLD girls sparring 13-14 -55

Jayce Vergette: SILVER boys sparring 11-12 -50

Emily Richards: BRONZE girls sparring 13-14 -55

Hannah Richards: SILVER girls sparring 11-12 -35

Zach Cassidy: FOURTH boys sparring 13-14 -55

Hinton Thompson: BRONZE boys sparring U10 -35

Velyien Thompson: FIFTH girls sparring 11-12 -45


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