Master Sensei John DouvrisMaster Sensei John Douvris is the heart of DOUVRIS.

A thoughtful mentor and chief karate and kickboxing instructor, his passion and dedication inspires his students to commit to themselves and reach their goals.

Master John is a natural athlete and has been involved in sports his entire life. His martial arts training began with judo in 1972. A short time later, he became involved in karate. He holds a 9th, awarded by the Ontario Karate Federation/World Karate Federation.

Master John is a highly-decorated karate champion and advocate of the sport. His accomplishments include:

  • Canadian Heavy Weight Karate Champion, 1984-1993
  • Canadian Sport Karate Sparring Champion, 1987-1993
  • Inductee to the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, 1993
  • Recipient of International Amateur Kickboxing Sport Association (IAKSA) Medal of Honour, 1995
  • Co-host of IAKSA World Championships, 1995
  • Canadian President of IAKSA, 1995
  • Vice President of World Karate Association (WKA), 1995
  • Coach of the Canadian National Karate Team, 1995-2003
  • Inductee to the Canadian Black Belt Hall of Fame, 2014
  • Co-Founder and President of World Karate & Kickboxing Commission (WKC)
  • Co-organizer of Kicks for Hearts Cardio-A-Thon Annual Fundraiser for Heart and Stroke Foundation, 2013-present

Master John co-founded DOUVRIS in 1984 with his brother, Peter Douvris. He holds an Electrical Engineering diploma from Algonquin College. After graduating, he promptly gave his diploma to his mother, opened his first dojo, and has never looked back.

Master John is an enthusiastic member of the karate community and loves to see that same enthusiasm in the faces of his students. Visit DOUVRIS to see for yourself the positive impact he makes in lives of his students.